About Synced Together

Synced Together unravels the world of Anime Music Video (AMV) editing, a multicultural art form that consists of editing anime and music to create fan-made music videos.

The film is the first, feature-length documentary to explore this phenomenon and demonstrate the importance of AMVs in the lives of editors and fans alike. Long-time AMV editors ourselves, our goal is to reveal the overwhelming impact of AMVs by taking an intimate, anthropological look into the global AMV community. Audiences get to connect with editors on a personal level as they share their experiences and navigate convention life. Still, our belief is that Synced Together‘s most one-of-a-kind quality is something else entirely, though some things are better seen than told.

There are honestly not enough words to correctly describe how much this documentary means to us and our community. The vigorous love of AMV editing is responsible for all of this. If it were not for AMVs, we might not have chosen career paths in video production. If it were not for the AMV community, this project might not have received funding. Synced Together is our miracle — a glimpse into our collective heart and the passion that drives us. It is by editors for editors and a daring film that continues to beat the odds.

We started this project in January 2017, and that fall, a month after launching a trailer, our Indiegogo campaign was 236% funded. We made a roughly 105-minute documentary with less than $12,000 and we see that as incredible accomplishment. We are blessed to be at this point and are so grateful for the overwhelming support of our financial backers and volunteers. We had initially planned to release our film on April 10th, 2020, but our premieres were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our volunteer staff helped make Synced Together a reality. Now, it is up to us to honor their work and share this film with the world! We sincerely hope to release our film in 2021 when in-person events are safe again.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We love discussing our film! We are still in need of financial support as our project continues. We accept donations through Ko-fi.

Want to learn more? Reach us here!

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