Synced Together: AMVs & Their Editors Premiere Plan (Update 2022)

Well, everyone, it is time for our big announcement – the one you have all been waiting to see! Our team is excited to announce that we are arranging a new premiere event for Synced Together: AMVs & Their Editors at Sakura-Con 2022! This screening will be the first time an audience views the documentary, and you will not want to miss it!
The screening at Sakura-Con 2022 will now be the only premiere event for our film since Anime Boston 2022 moved to the same weekend as MomoCon 2022. This change means that we are dropping our regional premiere strategy and are aiming for one focused event. However, we have confirmed additional screenings at Anime Boston and MomoCon, and we are proud to finally announce that AnimeNEXT 2022 is also a part of our lineup! In 2020, we never got the chance to release that information, so we are excited to reveal it today!
We would also like to clarify that we did not premiere Synced Together at either Anime Weekend Atlanta 2021 or MomoCon WinterFest 2021. In a previous press release, we mentioned that we were in the process of following updates on these conventions and collecting information. We evaluated them as options for our film premiere but decided it was best to keep our prior commitments and arrangements. We believe this decision was best for us, our supporters, event partners, and the AMV community.
We would love to see as many people from our community at Sakura-Con 2022 as possible! We also sincerely thank Sakura-Con’s AMV team – Vlad, Troy, Jason, and their fellow volunteers – for working with us. Don’t forget to enter their AMV contest by Friday, 11:59 PST, February 25, 2022! Finally, we will reconnect with more event partners over the next few months. If you belong to this group, please know that we will confirm screening arrangements with you soon.