Our Fifth Anniversary

We are proud to announce that today marks five years since the start of our AMV documentary work. Five years! Can you believe it?
We kindly thank everyone who has contributed to our efforts, and we consider it such a blessing that our community values what we do and sticks with us. The continued support after the delayed premiere of Synced Together has meant so much to us and keeps us going. We say it many times, but we appreciate your patience.
Creating documentaries, even small ones, is difficult work. It takes years and relentless dedication. Still, it is worth it to us because we want our community and AMV editors at large to be valued and remembered. We genuinely believe that AMVs and their editors are uniquely special, and we will continue to celebrate them in 2022.
 We hope you had a fantastic start to the new year, and we are excited to share new works with you soon!