Synced Together Updated Premiere Plan 2021 for the AMV Documentary

Updated Synced Together: AMVs & Their Editors Premiere Plan

To all our supporters, hello! It’s been almost a year since our last press release, which announced Synced Together’s premiere postponement. Since then, our team has closely followed news about COVID-19 and the restrictions placed on anime conventions and film festivals. Because the number of vaccinations is on the rise, we want to give you an update on our current Synced Together premiere plan.

Anime Boston, Sakura-Con, and MomoCon were originally the featured conventions to host regional premieres of Synced Together in the American Northeast, Northwest, and Southeast, respectively. We still have every intention to arrange screenings at these conventions in the future. However, all three have postponed their main events to 2022. 

We are in the process of collecting information on upcoming conventions to plan a new premiere event. Of the anime conventions that we have networked with in the past, Anime Weekend Atlanta is of interest. We are also following updates regarding MomoCon WinterFest 2021, an all-new mini-event by MomoCon happening December 18-19, 2021. We are aware that some conventions will occur in person sooner, but we need more information before considering those as options.

Our number one priority is planning a safe and rewarding film premiere for the majority of AMV editors featured in the documentary. Equal to that priority is our desire to create a safe and rewarding film premiere for the majority of volunteers and financial backers who have made Synced Together a reality. As of Monday, April 5, 2021, we do not know that anyone belonging to either of those categories is comfortable attending a convention anytime soon. We may send out an anonymous survey at a later date to ascertain this information if needed.

In the meantime, our team will continue to work on other facets of the overall AMV documentary project. We intend to publish another press release concerning that overall progress as well.

Stay safe and get vaccinated,

Amy & Madeleine