Premiere Postponement

It’s after 8 PM EDT. Right about now, we should have been nervously reading comments about our northeastern premiere, while watching the time tick away towards our premiere at Sakura-Con. Instead, we’re all home, and the AMV community is far from celebrating.

We have not announced new screening dates for Synced Together because we do not want to make any false promises. For right now, we are postponing a premiere until event gatherings are an option. An indie production like ours needs in-person showings to generate buzz. Our concern is that without cons that the documentary’s viewership will significantly suffer. Although an online-exclusive release is an option, due to the magnitude and persistence of pandemic-related information currently circulating, we do not see this as a viable strategy at this time. In other words, creating hype and reaching an audience outside of the AMV community will be near impossible if our film has to compete with the neverending posts about a world crisis.

Let’s face it. Our collective headspace is too full, and it is not the best time for celebrating.

But even amid this somber notion, we want you to know that we are here, and we are STILL WORKING. We have new videos in development that will make waiting easier, and we look forward to sharing them. More details will post at a later time.

As always, we appreciate your support and patience. We have come so far. Nothing will take that away from us!