Screenings Canceled

It is with heavy hearts that we announce today the cancellation of our #SyncedTogether screening at Anime Boston 2020. Due to the impact of COVID-19 in Massachusetts, Anime Boston had no choice but to cancel this year’s convention. After three years of hard work on this film, it hurts that we cannot have the premiere weekend that we planned.

Additionally, although ANCEA has not canceled Sakura-Con 2020, we fully expect the convention to cancel or postpone. Once we have conclusive information, we will post updates on Facebook and Twitter regarding the status of our screening there. However, we are working under the assumption that this screening will also be canceled as we push through to MomoCon 2020. 

We extend our sympathies to the convention staff that worked so hard to give us venues for our documentary. Barring future announcements, we will pursue screenings at Anime Boston and Sakura-Con again in 2021, and we would like to invite all editors and friends to MomoCon 2020 for what we pray will be a fun weekend. For those unsure about Sakura-Con, we promise you that you will get a little bit of your convention back through our film.

Details about the three screenings at MomoCon will be released as soon as possible. We wish you all good health and positive vibes.